Hey guys,

Last year whilst I was filming a documentary shooting all around Australia, I came across a great find in what now is my favourite little country town… and that is… THE BEECHWORTH BAKERY!

Recently my lovely mother took a drive up to Beachworth to get some of their fab pies and after tasting these babies again for the first time in over a year (they really are the best pies I’ve ever eaten in my life) mum and I just had to go and investigate to see if they had any closer stores.

To our surprise, there was one located not too far away in our backyard wine country!

So today we took the drive to go out and have one of their fabulous donuts… yes… driving 2 hours there and back for a donut really was worth it.

These are the freshest donuts I have ever eaten in my life! Soft, homemade, thick icing and not one bit rubbery or greasy at all!

The homemade part totally made me feel less like a fatty when we opted to buy 3 of them for lunch to eat then and there… and bring some home for dessert after dinner :)

Here are some snaps of our little adventure today..


image   image



image   image



Sooo looking forward to devouring these babies again tonight… now matter how stuffed from the ones I ate today I already am.. :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

El x

// a weekend away..

This last weekend I went on a little road trip getaway to the country with my family to celebrate my parents anniversary.

We stayed in a little town called Flinders and it was absolutely lovely. Lovely little cute cafe’s around, beautiful fresh food, amazing accommodation and due to the weather being so overcast which was a bit of downer since the beaches were so gorgeous, we spent lots of family time together instead eating, drinking and playing monopoly.

We’d have breakfast and then have 2nd breakfast at another cafe just to try the delicacies because they were so fresh and mouthwatering.

It was a lovely weekend away from the internet, tv, movies etc… so here are some snaps from the trip.

Congratulations to my parents on their anniversary and thanks are in order for taking us rugrats (my little sis and I) along to celebrate with them.


Food highlight: The Turkish Delight Soufflé at the Terminus Restaurant. Filled with real chunks of turkish delight all through it, it was one hell of a dessert, no matter how full I was before, it was worth every part of the weight that was distributed to my thighs as I was eating it!