Ellenor || AUSTRALIAN-based Film Maker, Creative Director, Cinematographer & Photographer | Tour/Music/Event Documentary | Shooting Blackmagic Cinema Camera & Canon DSLR

From the age of 16 it became evident that Ellenor had a knack for storytelling with her friends often referring to her as “Filmenor”. Sometimes her brain moves too fast for her mouth and where most would stop and wait for their thoughts to catch up, Ellenor used her excitement & ideas as a creative channel which earnt her a place in Australia’s Prestigious Victorian College of The Arts Film & Television course at the age of 18.

With   a   background   primarily  in film & having earnt a spot to work alongside Vilmos Zigmond (ACE) at Budapest’s exclusive Cinematography Masterclass, Ellenor  brings a cinematic feel to everything she produces.

Sleeping with a pad and pen next to her bed, Ellenor is known for her passion and commitment to catching that 3am idea that happens most nights.

Her unique style and ability to delve into various creative departments, working in cinematography, creative directing, documentary, advertising, music video and photography has won    her   attention    and    awards    for    her    work    worldwide, at the likes of Cambridge, Mexico, Hawaii, Canada and Los Angeles since graduating in 2011.

She spends countless hours observing life, visiting galleries & cinemas, eating food, photographing food & or course… filming food.





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