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Dear friends,

I’ve been trying to find some time to write this post for about 4 months now but I just haven’t been able to begin. Life’s changed so much recently and it’s been difficult trying to keep up.

For starters, for those of you who have been following me on the internet and don’t know me personally, I made the move from Melbourne to Sydney little over 4 months ago now to work as Tourism Australia’s Content Producer for 6 months.

To cut a long story short, I had been working on a campaign to win one of Tourism Australia’s Best Jobs In The World earlier this year, and to my utter surprise, I made it to the final 25 out of hundreds of thousands of entries. I then spent a solid 2 weeks working hard on a film to pitch to TA in the hopes of making it to the final 3.

The work paid off and the support I received was absolutely incredible, I still can’t put it into words how wonderful the experience was and how lucky I am to have so many friends, family and followers supporting me all over the globe… it was overwhelming and I am just so thankful.

Tourism Australia’s phone call offering me a position directly working for them as a Content Producer feels like an absolute dream now looking back. I’m still pinching myself..

So within the space of 3 weeks I packed up my life and moved to Sydney to begin 6 months worth of adventures which has been a ride, testing me, pushing me and helping me develop my skills even further than I would have imagined.

I’ve fallen even more in love with photography and how I can tell stories through still images as opposed to film. They’re two completely different worlds, and on a daily basis I have pushed myself to capture unique narratives through both in very different ways.

I’ve been a one man band and at times it is difficult to do so many things at once, on an average working day I’m wheeling 30 kgs of gear around, have 2 cameras hanging around my neck, a tripod and steadicam attached to at least one of them and a backpack with 12kgs of gear resting on me.

But when you’re out there in a place you never thought you’d get a chance to visit, or didn’t even know about, you don’t even think about it, you just do.

Aside from the incredible staff who have been so easy to work with and so welcoming when I arrived in Sydney, what I truly love about this job is not only the creative license, not only the ability to travel every week and see my wonderful country whilst doing what I love, it’s the fact that I get put in positions and situations that I never every thought I’d find myself in or have the courage to put myself in normally.

For example, in my first week working with TA, I found myself flying over the Great Barrier Reef and landing on a quaint Island called Lady Elliot. There my job was to follow and photograph some of the best jobs finalist who were going through a serious of challenges. This involved snorkeling!! Now snorkeling for the first time is one thing, but when you haven’t swam in years, never in deep ocean water and you’re carrying 5 kilos of camera gear with underwater housing in your hand, it is one hell of an experience. As difficult as it was to try and balance my own weight, get over my fear of deep open water swimming all at the same time as taking quality shots, it was one experience I am so glad I had the opportunity to have.

The next morning I debated going out for a sunrise snorkel with the rest of the crew, but decided to just do it… leave the camera gear behind and just enjoy. I still held onto the rope at the end of the boat for the most part to deal with my fears and lack of swimming experience, but swimming with the sea turtles and dunking my head under to hear the whales singing whilst the sun rose above was just insane… I could not be prouder of myself for giving it a go… something I ordinarily would not have done.

Just last week in Tasmania I found myself in a position again where I had to overcome my fear of heights as I zip lined 50m above the ground on a 400m rope between the treetops of Hollybank… an incredible experience!!! One which I would gladly do again!


The other exciting part about my job is not only getting to do what I love and travel..But its also meeting people… fellow travellers from across the globe and product owners who I’m visiting along the way.

It’s the wine makers at the wineries and getting to talk to them about their creations, tasting their beverages with them and hearing about their story

It’s the owners of boat cruise experiences who take you to see the seals the have come up from Antarctica and teach you how to drive their boats back to land whilst telling you about how much they donate to great causes with many of the profits from their business.

It’s the fish & oyster farmers who catch and cook your lunch in front of you, the guides that take you through the cities, the waiters and waitresses who accommodate your needs and help you pick your dream dish… every single person, operator, tour guide, they are all what help make each experience a fresh and happy one.

Its through these characters in each of the various towns that help me learn and understand so much more about the culture of this country and in turn, have helped me open up becoming more of a people’s person, with no fear of asking questions even if I think they are stupid.

It’s also something that helps when you’re travelling alone… just because you’re by yourself doesn’t mean you need to keep to yourself when you’re out having a burger and a beer for lunch. Start a conversation, smile and you’ll forget the thought of being alone “bored”…. Watching seagulls trying to eat people’s food off the table next to you can a) be hilarious and b) help you share laugh with the elderly couple next to you.

The next 2 moths are filled with solid travel and work and it excites me more than anything! I LOVE being busy, I LOVE working 16-18 hour days, I love the feeling of being productive.

There’s a lot in store for the next few months and I cannot wait to shoot it and share with you all in the near future.

For now I’ll leave you with some of my favourite images along the journey so far. I aim to update my newly re-named facebook page “filmenor” as often as I can. Hope you enjoy the pics! Until next time.




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